The 2017 Lagos International Trade Fair (LITF) has received another major boost as several firms from different parts of the European Union (EU) have expressed their interest to participate in the fair. And they are coming with exciting technological innovations.

Indeed, some of the technological innovations to be exhibited at the Fair include solar energy production facility, weather forecast instruments, organic waste conversion facility, multi-currency and multilingual learning service, facilities for offshore fish farming projects, technology for common zoonotic pathogens detection and others.

Mr Jean-Jacques, Senior Manager (Finance Transformation), Deloitte Consulting & Advisory, Belgium, disclosed that the firms, which are largely Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are excited to join other participants all over the world at the Fair.

Deloitte Belgium, an executive consulting firm with specialisation in SME instrument’s overseas trade fairs based in Brussels, is championing the initiative. All the participants the firm is bringing will be exhibiting under the “EU Pavilion”. According to the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) of the European Union – the umbrella organization overseeing all EU SME programmes, the European SMEs expected to participate at the fair are “Phase 1 and Phase 2 instrument champions with global ambitions and a solid international business strategy”. The 2017 LITF is one of 15 international Trade Fairs organized in 11 countries outside the European Union that the selected European SMEs will be participating in 2017 and 2018.

Already, Deloitte Consulting & Advisory has started inviting leading companies and other stakeholders in Nigeria to its Business to Business (B2B) meetings which will hold at different times during the Fair. They have also indicated that they will be having special pitching sessions to a choice audience to showcase some of the innovative facilities that will be very useful to the business community in Africa. The rich combination of events packaged by the EU SME instrument’s Overseas Trade Fairs team through the agency of Deloitte Consulting & Advisory should be of immense interests and benefits to discerning Nigerian entrepreneurs and SMEs.